For those that truly want to be at one with nature, we offer a range of fun and diverse activities and guided tours that give you the chance to make the most of the local flora and fauna as well as an opportunity to explore the La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture and Tourism and also the La Bastilla Coffee Estates.

Activities include:

  • Guided hikes through the beautiful 'Finca La Bastilla' and the 'Datanlí El Diablo' nature reserve
  • Exotic bird-watching
  • Horse-rides through the nature reserve

    Located in one of the most mountainous regions of Nicaragua, the Datanlí el Diablo nature reserve provides over 10,000 hectares of magical woodlands for nature-lovers to explore. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the pristine trails that meander through towering willow trees and swathes of coffee bushes. Whilst seemingly deserted, the forest is in fact teeming with a variety of exotic wildlife and you will have the chance to spot playful monkeys, brilliant butterflies and over 80 different types of tropical birds including the quetzal and the toucan. You may even be lucky enough to encounter the elusive sloth.

    For those who wish to get close to the wildlife but do not fancy pulling on the hiking boots, we also offer romantic horse-rides. The horses belong to the local community members and are well-cared for gentle animals. Experience feeling like a true local as you trot through the lush cloud-forest, surrounded by colourful animals and beautiful vegetation.

  • Visiting the production areas in our Technical Centre:
    • Stables and dairy-plant
    • Chicken coops and egg-production
    • Cheese processing
    • Pigsty and piglet-breeding
    • Vegetable gardens

    Our students will take you on a tour of the working farm where you will see them collecting eggs from the 3000 noisy laying-hens, turning our cow's milk into a delicious range of cheeses which is served on site as well as being sold into local markets, feeding our cute piglets and tending the gardens to ensure that they can all enjoy a regular intake of fresh vegetables including carrots, beetroots and broccoli. Aside from providing the school with an important source of income, the farm serves as a teaching platform to our students who all have regular practical lessons in the different areas.

  • La Bastilla Coffee Estates Tours including:

    Our tour guides will take you on the complex journey of each coffee bean; all the way from the tree through to the pulping, sorting and roasting stages, and finally the cupping. Tasting coffee is an art form in itself and our resident expert cupper will guide you through each intricate step of inhaling, slurping and swishing. You will also learn the techniques for identifying aroma, acidity, body and flavour which will ensure that you truly appreciate the La Bastilla award-winning gourmet coffee on your return to the Ecolodge. We guarantee that after this experience, you will never look at a humble cup of coffee in the same way again.

  • Cultural presentations - traditional music and dances

    Witness our talented band of students perform folk dances to traditional Nicaraguan songs. The dance troupe has performed in several local competitions and will give you an insight into the country's great cultural heritage.

  • Nearby places of interest: Go kayaking on the breath-taking Apanas Lake

    The Lago de Apanas is the third-largest body of water in Nicaragua and is of historical significance as it was created in the 1960s under a hydroelectric project. Visitors to the lake can take a boat-tour around the 51 square km body of water, go kayaking, or simply enjoy the picturesque views while feasting on the freshly-caught fish at one of the local restaurants.


Description Price
Tour of the School farm and the 7 businesses of the La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture & Tourism $8
Guided bird-watching tour lasting up to 3 hours $10
Cultural evening $10
Coffee Tour (please book in advance) During the coffee season from November to March this includes a visit to the coffee mill $10
Coffee cupping for an additional $10 $20
Horse-riding around the Datanlí el Diablo nature reserve $12
Kayak tour around the Apanás Lake and the Islands $30