La Bastilla Ecolodge is set on the award-winning La Bastilla Coffee Estates; a ‘finca’ which is deeply committed to preserving the environment and which is certified by the environmentally-friendly Rainforest Alliance.

Surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, the Ecolodge is an unforgettable destination which is rapidly turning into a major attraction for both local inhabitants and tourists visiting the North of Nicaragua.

We are not alone in saying that a visit to the La Bastilla Ecolodge is a unique and unforgettable experience. Just take a look at what some of our guests have said:

“En todo mi viaje por Centro América he visitado muchos lugares… pero este es el mejor de todos” Luke O´keefe 2013, Inglaterra.

“The best Ecolodge I have been to. Try it, trust me… it will leave unforgettable memories. Pure magic” Yair Lev, 2013, United States