The Foundation for Rural Education and Entrepreneurship (FEER), is a registered Nicaraguan charitable foundation, set up by the company La Bastilla Coffee Estates, which owns the coffee plantation where the La Bastilla Centre is based.

Although FEER became officially registered in 2008, the management team has been running educational projects since 2003 when it founded the local elementary school as previously, there was no school in walking-distance for the children of the local community. In 2005, this project grew to middle school for children who wished to continue their education. Finally, the scarcity of high-quality, affordable further education in the area prompted FEER, in conjunction with the British NGO Teach A Man To Fish, to set up the La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture and Tourism in 2009.

FEER continues to support both schools and provides managerial oversight to help ensure that students obtain maximum educational benefit from the school businesses. As part of this process, FEER works closely with both the Ministry of Education and INATEC (The National Institute of Technical Education) to offer academic and technical qualifications.