Our restaurant is located on a picturesque platform that offers spectacular views over the Datanlí El Diablo nature reserve. In this breath-taking setting, you will be to enjoy both delicious international dishes as well as traditional Nicaraguan food, including some of the best gallopinto (rice and beans) in Nicaragua. The majority of our dishes are made with fresh ingredients that have been produced by our very own students on the school farm, vegetable gardens and dairy plant, or have been sourced from local growers. We offer a diverse menu that includes vegetarian meals.

Description Price
Breakfast(Options: Contitnental, pancakes, omelette) $3 - $5
Lunch $5 - $10
Dinner $5 - $10

Options for lunch & dinner: typical dishes such as tacos and fajitas, pasta and more. In addition, there are main dishes such as steak, cordon blue, and more, all accompanied by salad and dessert.