To work with the local population so that they can have access to more opportunities, instilling the entrepreneurial values that are so indispensable for the reduction of poverty in which they live.


The promotion of a basic and technical self-sufficient education of high quality; creating entrepreneurial values and capacities, as well as business and employment opportunities for new generations

FEER’s Values

  1. Education – we believe in practical and academic teaching as a tool to fight against poverty
  2. Entrepreneurship – we promote skills that will enable students and their families to generate income
  3. Equality – we fight to provide opportunities to marginalised societies
  4. Poverty Reduction – we provide programmes targeted at students from low income families and from marginalised communities
  5. Local Ownership of Problems and Solutions - we want to avoid creating dependency or co-dependency between the projects and donors
  6. Environmental Responsibility – we conscientiously minimise our impact on the environment and actively seek out its conservation
  7. Transparency – we report our financial, academic and production results and procedures
  8. Constant Evaluation – we actively seek out evaluation of our organisation both internally and externally.